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How To Make Your College Essay Stand Out

Some students engage an essay writing service to make their college essays stand out. But, if this is not an option that you want to consider, you can still write an essay that will stand out from the rest. Essentially, your college essay will be competing with those of other applicants. Some of your competitors have the same background with you while others are experienced in writing essays. To come up with a college essay that will stand out, follow these tips or hire a professional writing service.

Analyze the Essay Prompt Thoroughly

Take a few minutes to read and understand the provided essay prompt. If necessary, divide your prompt into several phrases to understand its different aspects. Why did the admission officers chose to give you this prompt? What information are they looking for and how does it relate to your skills or personality? Leave the prompt for a while then read it again. Do you notice something different? This may seem like wasting time but, it will save you more time later. That’s because you may have to write the essay over on realizing that you misunderstood the prompt. Therefore, to write the best essay, read and analyze the prompt carefully.

Organize Your Essay

You might be tempted to skip this step. However, organizing your essay will save you considerable frustration and stress. When you have a good essay outline or plan, you can streamline or eliminate significant rewrites. Therefore, brainstorm anecdotes and come up with a rough outline. Include an estimate of the words that each paragraph should have. This will enable you to complete your essay within the specified word limit. Also decide how you will write the essay. Will you write one paragraph per day? Will you take an entire weekend to write your essay? Come up with a schedule for writing your essay even if you may have to modify later.

Show Readers Rather than Tell Them

If you read essay reviews, you will realize that many students miss admission because they just tell readers rather than show them. To make your college essay stand out, pick vivid anecdotes that you can share with readers succinctly. If you are allowed 450 to 600 words for the essay, you might not have enough space for self-analysis and reflection. Nevertheless, bear in mind the fact that admission officers are interested in what you have to say about an event than the event itself.


Use words that reflect your command of the English language. A major reason some student ask, who will write my paper is lack of college-level vocabulary. But, though you should depict college-level vocabulary, don’t use vocabulary incorrectly.


Once you are done writing your college essay, take time to proofread it. Eliminate all mistakes including typo errors, grammatical errors, sentence structure issues and factual errors. These are just some of the mistakes that can ruin a brilliant essay and deny you college admission.

Follow these tips to make your college essay stand out. If unable to compose a great essay on your own, consider seeking essay help writing from experts.